On may 31, a meeting on the introduction of initiative proposals by members of the budget Commission within the framework of the project "people's budget" 2020 was held.


In total, 13 initiative proposals were announced:

1. Malysheva Lyubov "Reconstruction of facilities on the street And 16" (for the multifunctional center for children, adolescents and young people "JUNIOR" MBU "Simbircite");

2. Polyakova Tatyana Ivanovna Restoration of the fountain in the public area on the street. Kamyshinskaya 19;

3. Albina Gavrilova Rifhatovna "Concert hall under the open sky" (str., 17, building 1);

4. Belyakov, Valery V., "Improving logistical component TO MBU DYUSSH No. 4»;

5. Tabunova Tatiana "Repair stands of the stadium "Start" (St. 40-letiya Pobedy 35);

6. Basket Valentina "Park Improvement Olympic" (neighborhood Upper terrace);

7. Krotov Anna B. "Active generation" (Playground for residents of the far Zasviyazhie);

8. Gavrilova Elena Vladimirovna "Square USTs»;

9. Zabavchik, Andrey A. "Improvement of walking areas in pre-school groups.. Institutions (30 DOW);

10. Anna Kurkina N. ""Square "Dynasty" - health pensioners" (the area between St. 23 and Samara school № 70);

11. Eremeeva Yulia Nikolaevna "the World of childhood (arrangement of children's Playground and sports grounds on the territory of karlinskoye village)»;

12. Osinina Alla Mikhailovna "the Best friend of children – the sports ground (improvement of children's sports and playgrounds of MBDOU No. 143 Ryabikova street 84)»;

13. Idaea Ilona Guramovna "folk scene (the arrangement of the stage in the Park of the 100th anniversary of the Ulyanovsk ammunition factory).

The directions chosen by the members of the budget Commission for their initiative proposals relate to the sphere of education, culture, Physical culture and sports, improvement of squares and parks.

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