As 01.07.2017 municipal debt amounted to 758 2 300 000 rubles. The cost of servicing municipal debt in January-June 2017 amounted to 147 818 404,54 rubles.

In subsection "Issues of tax legislation" section "The increase in tax and non-tax potential" posted a brochure on results of the campaign "Month of the tax assistance and financial literacy" in the municipality "Novospassky district".

In accordance with the Budget code of the Russian Federation, Charter of the municipal formation "city of Ulyanovsk", the decision of the Ulyanovsk City Duma amended the decision of the Ulyanovsk municipal Duma from 02.12.2016 No. 132 "On approval of the budget of municipal formation "city of Ulyanovsk" for 2017 and the planning period of 2018 and 2019".

The text of the decision of the Ulyanovsk City Duma from 21.06.2017 No. 74 placed in category "The budget of the city of Ulyanovsk" section "Budget".

By order of the city administration of Ulyanovsk from 27.06.2017 № 150-p "On amending the order of a city administration of Ulyanovsk from 23.07.2013 n 205-p" added to the List of municipal programs of municipal formation "city of Ulyanovsk".

In the section "the people's budget (2017)" posted information on implementation of the action proposals in the framework of the project "national budget - 2017" for the 1st half of 2017.

04 July 2017, the regular meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on increase of tax and non-tax potential of municipal formation "city of Ulyanovsk", chaired by the Head of a city administration of Ulyanovsk Alexey Gaev V., which was attended by representatives of the structural subdivisions of the city administration, the Ministry of Finance of the Ulyanovsk region, management of Federal tax service for Ulyanovsk region, the Department of socio – economic development and competition of the Ministry of development of competition and economy of Ulyanovsk region.

At the Commission meeting discussed the issue of debt on the tax to incomes of physical persons in the budget of municipal formation "city of Ulyanovsk" and also at the Commission meeting, heads of organizations – delays in tax.

All the taxpayers of the defaulter, the terms of repayment to the city budget from 2 weeks to 2 months from the date of the meeting of the Commission.