We offer You to familiarize yourself with the interactive services of the FTS of Russia.

With the help of the interactive services currently available to the majority of services for which citizens are accustomed to apply in person, directly to the tax offices.

Now is not a problem over the Internet to find your INN or apply for his assignment; find out the existence of a debt or overpayment of taxes; to see how and on what basis was the estimated amount of taxes to pay them; to correspond with the tax authority, to create your business (register) and many more.

In total, the portal of the Federal nalog.ru there are more than 30 e-services for individuals, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.


When you receive income from rental property to rent it is necessary to submit the Declaration of f.3-pit

UFNS of Russia across the Ulyanovsk region reminds: if the taxpayer receives income from renting own real estate and movable property to rent, he is obliged to submit the Declaration form 3-NDFL to the tax authority at the place of registration and pay the tax to incomes of physical persons in the budget.

The Declaration shall be submitted to the tax authority from 1 January to 30 April of the year following the reporting period (tax on income of physical persons the tax period is a calendar year). Deadline for payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons - 15 July of the year following the reporting period. Taxpayers who failed to perform the duty to declare income, subject to tax liability in accordance with art. 119 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation in the form of a fine in the amount of 5 percent is not paid in established by the legislation on taxes and fees term the amount of tax payable (paid) on the basis of this Declaration for each complete or incomplete month from the date established for its submission, but not more than 30 percent of the specified sum and not less than 1 000.


The government of the Ulyanovsk region (the Ministry of Finance of the Ulyanovsk region) – +7(8422) 44-46-29;

Administration of municipal formation "city of Ulyanovsk" (Management utilities) – +7(8422) 27-00-33;

UFNS of Russia across the Ulyanovsk region – +7(8422) 41-01-07;

AMIA Russia's Ulyanovsk region– +7(8422) 27-35-22, +7(8422) 67-88-88.

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